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Internet2Go when all you really need is just high-speed internet service.

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High-speed Internet Service in Iowa - Mason City, Charles City and surrounding areas
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NO Cable TV hook-up      NO Telephone hook-up

NO Installation Fees       NO Equipment Fees

Just High-speed, dependable internet service for just $39.95 from OmniTel

What is Internet2Go?

Internet2Go is a portable modem and antenna that delivers a high-speed Internet connection to your computer or your wireless router. It can do this in three ways, through an indoor subscriber unit (the most popular device), an outdoor subscriber unit (designed for those in rural areas or areas with spotty, slow or no internet service at all) and a PC card (for your windows laptop). Which type of Internet2Go you need depends on the kind of service you want and where it will be used.

Internet2Go delivers high-speed, wirelessly using Non-line-of-site architecture.
Unlike Internet2Go’s indoor unit or PC card, the outdoor unit requires installation by our trained technicians.* Once connected to your computer, there is no need to add software or phone lines and with speeds up to 1.0 Megabit per second, you can download video and music in seconds rather than minutes (or hours!).
As with all Internet2Go products, add a wireless router and you can have more than one computer connected to the Internet at the same time.

Whether it's an indoor unit, outdoor unit or a PC card, Internet2Go is:

High-speed … with speeds up to 1.0 Mbsp, that's 25 times faster than dial-up! We’re talking Megabit speeds!
Secure … a licensed frequency assures safe connections.
Affordable … With a two-year agreement Internet2Go is $39.95 per month.* This is not a special promotional price. Internet2Go is $39.95/month, whether you have an indoor unit, outdoor unit or a PC card. With a price like this we don't need to hide the actual monthly fee in the fine print.

Internet2Go powered by OmniTel - just another way OmniTel is making your life more efficient, safe and a heck of a lot more fun!

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* $39.95 per month with a 2-year agreement. Month to month agreements are available. Some conditions apply. See stores for details. Hurry three month FREE offer ends soon. Actual coverage and equipment needs may vary according to specific site and location conditions. Internet service limited to our coverage areas - Mason City, Charles City and surrounding areas. There is a $99.95 installation fee with the Outdoor Units.

Internet2Go Dealers:

Mason City – WestsideWireless - 4700 4th St SW, Suite F, 641.424.6750 || PR CONNECTIONS - 606 South Federal Ave, 641.423.3216
Charles City - VirtualQuest - 406 Kelly St, Charles City 641.257.2233 || Sisson&Associates, Inc. - 1101 South Grand Ave 641.228.2835
OmniTel's Corporate Headquarters: 608 East Congress, Nora Springs, IA 50458 || 641.749.2531 || 1.877.OmniTel
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